Talent application

bigshrimp's talentpool covers both, photographic advertising and television commercials. Our „real face" casting unit offers people all ages and nationalities the opportunity to be booked as leads or extras.

We at bigshrimp are continuously looking for young adults starting at 17 years up to seniors who are all confident, energetic and well presented.

Our talents are submitted via a digital sedcard for assignments according to the criteria of the job brief, however you would only be contacted by us if and when a client has requested you for a live casting or shortlist. Our clients are to advertising agencies, production companies, casting directors and clients of the industry.

To proceed with the talent registration we require a natural, smiling headshot, „less makeup is more" for the ladies and a full length picture to get an idea of your body presence and body language. You will also need to complete our casting sheet – within this pdf file on page two. Your should note that the registration, the sedcard shooting and compilation of your sedcard is absolutly free of costs.

If you think you are photogenic and take direction to the necessary qualities mentioned above, then please feel free to fill out the application form on page two and send it back to casting@bigshrimp-production.de or to bigshrimp Hamburg GmbH, z. Hd. Carla Veuskens, Mühlenkamp 31, 22303 Hamburg.

download application here